My Story

I have always felt a strong need to be of service to my community. When I attended a private school, we did a lot of community service which led me to find my passion in helping others and my career as a social worker. I have worked with children who were removed from their homes, homeless dually diagnosed veterans, and those struggling with mental illness in inpatient facilities. In each of these situations, I always looked to being my most authentic self and leading in a way that elevates all those around me.

During my time as a social worker, I struggled with my own issues related to my mental health and burnout. I learned very quickly that having the heart to be of service does not mean you have the mind to help yourself. Being able to compartmentalize was essential to getting through my day, but when you are facing your own personal challenges, they can appear in other areas of your life even as a daily lesson.

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I have always struggled with keeping my mind calm, quieting thoughts, and even staying on task. I tried everything that people would recommend, and it was during the pandemic, when we were all forced to take literal pauses in all areas of our lives, that I found the comfortable silence I had always been searching for. Meditation has allowed me to explore the depths of my mind, body and soul and continues to be my favorite part of my daily routine.

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Tools for Success